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Michelle is introduced to Niko by


, a coworker. Through dialogue between the two during dates, Michelle attempts to dissuade Niko from engaging in any illegal behavior, which he usually ignores. After progressing through the main story a bit more, Niko learns that Michelle was not all she seemed to be and was, in fact, a government agent working for the mysterious

"U.L. Paper

". After Niko finds out the truth, he is understandably angry, but does not seek revenge against Michelle for manipulating him, and simply agrees to work for U.L. Paper. It is also revealed that her real name is Karen. After the cutscene where she introduces Niko to the Paper agent, she is never seen again.

Michelle makes an appearance in GTA V, now working for IAA torturing a prisoner, but her attempt is foiled when Michael DeSanta, Trevor Phillips, and Franklin Clinton show up to the rescue. She survived when she escape the room she's in.

Michelle Missions

  • First Date

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