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A port of Micro Machines V3 for the original Playstation, Micro Machines 64 Turbo contained all of the playstion version's content plus additional exclusive content including a packed icn Micro Machines toy.  While the graphics were in full 3D the game was played from an overhead perspective to emphasize the scale of the cars as well as to give the player a better view of the track. The game is also unique in that the player is able to drive cars, trucks, tanks, boats and more on the beach, the the garden and in other areas of a house.
The game is playable with up to 8 people using a feature called "Pad Share" which amounts to each player using half of a controller to control their car. The multiplayer is played on a single screen (rather than split screen).
Profiles are able to be saved, allowing the player to keep track of career winnings and time trail scores. 


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