Anyone still playing this?

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Just downloaded this and I've been playing with my PS3 controller... I'm finding it very difficult with all the flight aids turned off, but I'm sure it's just me as this is my first flight 'sim' of any type. I'm going to try and finish all the free missions before I spring for the Hawaii pack or even a cheap joystick but I'm enjoying it a fair bit so far. I find it quite disappointing that so many planes (including the one that comes with the Alaska pack!!) don't even have a cockpit though.

Anyone else out there playing this besides Dave? I know he mentioned it in the last Flight Club video.

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Honestly, considering how the planes are lacking (no cockpit, like you said) just go drop $20 on Microsoft Flight Simulator 10. It's bigger, with more plans, and the same price as the dlc for Flight.

About the same graphics, too.

EDIT: just for clarity, I've played the game so I'm aware that some of the planes in Flight DO have cockpits,but still.

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@clstirens: Yeah I was thinking about that, but I'm a little intimidated by the more simmy experience of the main Microsoft Flight Simulator franchise as I've never really played one before. Would I need a joystick to play it? Like I said, still rocking the PS3 controller but I'm thinking about buying a cheapo joystick if this holds my attention for long enough.

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Need a joystick? no, but you'd have to do a little more set up with your ps3 controller (as in, putting rudder, pitch, and yaw as well as a few other commonly used commands on it) and some of the lesser used commands would be on the keyboard. Beyond that, you can also just play with a keyboard just fine, though purists would scream at me for not recommending some kind of joystick.

I did just fine when I played it with keyboard and mouse a few years ago, so I don't see why not.

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Well I tried it the other day with all the assists turned off, and I still found it ridiculously easy compared to Flight Simulator X set to "realism", so I'm just sticking with that. The problem is that it just doesn't feel that realistic even with a joystick . Plus the overpriced planes and locations don't help either.

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I'm still playing, got all the DLC on sale from steam last week. It's really in need of some more content, Alaska has no missions which is strange. Seems like they are leaving it out to die.

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The game has now been canceled sadly. What a shame too, I was actually thoroughly enjoying it.

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You can still buy FSX online from Microsoft for 20 bucks. Gooood deal. :)

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