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Microsoft Puzzle Collection Entertainment Pack is a collection of 6 puzzle games previously released on PC as a part of Microsoft Entertainment Pack: The Puzzle Collection. Developed in part by Mir - Dialogue and Tetris creator, Alexey Pajitnov, it was ported to the Game Boy Color on October 24, 2000. Six of the original ten games were included.


Finty Flush
  • Finty Flush
    A grid on the top of the screen slowly fills with multicolored marbles. The player must pick one of the four squares on the bottom of the screen to shift the balls into one line and out of the squares. The squares can be rotated in 90 degree increments. Once a square is completely filled with balls of the same color, it is emptied to make room for more. The game ends when the top grid is completely filled.
Rat Poker
  • Rat Poker
    Different colored rats enter the play area and walk clockwise around. The player is given a number of mechanisms, such as switches and conveyor belts, to alter the lineup of rats and re-arrange their order. Rats will exit the play area if lined up in specific patterns, such as groups of similar colors. The game ends when the play area is filled with rats.
  • Lineup
    Using pentominoes of various colors, the player must create a continuous row from one side of the play arena to the other. When completed, all shapes used are removed from the board. As soon as the player can no longer place pentominoes onto the play arena, the game is over.
Jewel Chase
  • Jewel Chase
    A level based game, pitting the player against a computer-controlled A.I. opponent. On each level, the player (acting as a thief) must collect as many jewels and riches from around the maze and escape quicker than the opponent. The player must stay on blocks of the same color, or use a special "bridging block" to change from one color to another.
Color Collision
  • Color Collision
    The player controls a ray of light, charged with hitting a variety of sun-like disc obstacles of a matching color. the player has no direct control over the ray of light, with directions pressed on the d-pad corresponding to the direction the ray will be reflected after hitting the next obstacle. Play continues until too many wrong obstacles are hit.
Spring Weekend
  • Spring Weekend
    A rotation puzzle, where the player must re-arrange garden critters into a pattern before running out of moves. played out on a hexagonal grid, the player must rotate elements to arrange them accordingly.

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