Microsoft is Destroying Xbox as a Platform

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#51 Posted by Guided_By_Tigers (8020 posts) -

The video game market is a business, of course companies are going to look for a profit....and I like NXE, its a lot better than the blades IMO.

#52 Posted by Sticky_Pennies (2031 posts) -

"Destroying?" That's a wee bit sensationalist.

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@Helushune said:

@Wolverine said:

When Xbox 360 was about to be released I couldn't be more excited. J Allard could literrally sell me on anything and I played a lot of original Xbox considering I got it at launch and never had a PS2. 360 turned out to be a great platform with a variety of games. Even though Allard left the platform still continued to grow, but then it took a turn.

Microsoft noticed how interested casual gamers were in Wii and they wanted to go after that market. They destroyed the once beautiful dashboard with the NXE that feels awkward to navigate and has tons of adds. They replaced gamer cards with these rediculous avatars that they can easily sell items for. They've forced all of there stupid fucking services into the experience like Bing and Zune. If I want to search something on the Dashboard when the new update comes out with my Kinect I actually have to say "Bing" before I say the word I'm searching for, why can't I just say search Microsoft?

I was watching there E3 press conference live and literally fell asleep. I woke up right before they announced Halo 4 and I wasn't even excited. MS sells Halo the same way they sell Office, with small iterations every three years. The Kinect stuff was pretty ridiculous, those demos was absolutely dreadful to watch.

Never trust Microsoft with a product you like, Steve Jobs was right, "they have no taste". Take at a look at what they did to the Rare site.

I agree with you on the casual thing but that seemed to stem more when they decided to push hard with Kinect. Minecraft for the 360? Meh; I could care less. Child of Eden is the only Kinect game I even care about since I'm a huge Rez fan and you can play it without Kinect. I'd say they're more like an ADD child that gives all its attention to something for a while then drops it in interest for something else. Right now, their focus seems to be WP7 and they've put the 360 on the back burner.

The initial iteration of the NXE was pretty good, much better than those horrid blades. But it's become clunky and obnoxious to use.

We release more than one Halo game every three years. I would know since I've been working on the MS side of the franchise for over 5 years now. The current rate is about one every year and half.

When I said every there years a meant games that include Master Chief. I didn't count the spin offs although I actually enjoy playing those games more. ODST was awesome!

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I should leave... but I can't...
There's ONE thing I dislike about the NNXE... The Guide menus don't wrap (IOW, when you are at the top of a menu, you can't hit up to cycle to the bottom choice and vice versa)... Other than that... I'm good.

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