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103505 amardilo Company Overview Added the Leap Experience Pioneers studio ref - 05/02/14 03:38AM 3 Approved
73322 amardilo Company Overview Changed MS Studio Victoria from a current studio to a former studio. Information taken from - 12/06/13 01:18AM 1 Approved
63541 amardilo Company Overview Updated established date for Soho Productions. Site for Soho Productions ( says they were founded in 2008. 10/16/13 05:54AM 1 Approved
37306 amardilo Company Overview Removed the gap between Lionhead and Rare 06/19/13 10:56PM 2 Approved
37167 amardilo Company Overview Added Team Dakota as a in-house developer. Reference from existing Team Dakota Wiki page and this tweet from MS employee - 06/19/13 02:21AM 2 Approved
35146 amardilo Company Overview Added studios from MS jobs site - Announced studio Lift London - Announced Studio Microsoft Studios Victoria - Black Tusk Studios established date taken from - 06/10/13 05:08AM 12 Approved

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