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Impaled Midgar Zolom

The Midgar Zolom can be encountered by the party shortly after exiting Midgar. It is unique in that it cannot be fought via a random encounter, the only way to encounter the Midgar Zolom is by walking through the marshlands that lead to the Mythril Mine. The serpents shadow can be seen in the marshes and it will attempt to collide with the party to cause an encounter, it moves faster than the party so the only way to avoid it is by using a chocobo to cross the marsh. It can be fought, but at that part of the game the monster is much too powerful so it is best to be avoided. The monster possesses a powerful fire based attack called Beta that can be learned as an enemy skill, making it worthwhile to fight the monster later on in the game. After crossing the marsh the party comes across a Midgar Zolom that has been impaled on a large tree. They speculate that it must have been Sephiroth who did it.


Midgar Zolom using Beta

The Midgar Zolom's main attack that it will use throughout the battle is Bite which is a physical attack. After the player has depleted one fourth of the it's health, it will fully uncoil itself. When uncoiled and after the player has depleted half of its health; it will begin counterattacking with a move called Push which permanently ejects a party member from the battle. It is one of only three enemies in the game that has the ability to permanently eject party members from a battle. When its hit points are low it will begin counterattacking with the powerful enemy skill Beta. Beta is a powerful fire-based attack that inflicts heavy damage on all party members, instantly killing low leveled parties.


Level: 26

HP: 4000

MP: 348

EXP: 250

GIL: 400

AP: 25

Morph: X-Potion

Attacks: Bite, Push, Beta (Enemy Skill)*

*Midgar Zolom only uses Beta when low on health.

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