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Midori is the only child of the Shiraga yakuza family. She dislikes being labeled as such and wishes for a normal life. Midori rebels against her mother but her mother refuses to listen to her side.

Midori revealed that her father is having an affair and is rarely at home. Because of this, she feels very strongly for Chie's plight. Midori searches the internet for strange cults that she can joined to escape her family. She also cuts herself as the only outlet for her feelings.

Chapter 2: Road to Ruin?

Shikanosuke and Chie first met Midori at Okayama when she decided to back out from committing herself to a cult at the last minute. The 2 men who were escorting her were exasperated as they tried to convince her to follow through with her initial decision. Shikanosuke and Chie told the men off and Midori thanked them. She was especially attached to Chie.

Midori then gave them a package and returned home. Shikanosuke later discovered that the package contained a pistol. He called Midori's home and Midori's mother picked up. She demanded that they returned the pistol personally. At the Shiraga mansion, Midori's mother revealed that Midori had left to join yet another cult. She demanded that Shikanosuke and Chie bring her back.

Midori and Shikanosuke

At the cult's farm, Midori revealed that she wanted to live a normal life but her mother refused to listen to her wish. The following morning, Midori's mother came to bring Midori back herself. She explained that she had Shikanosuke and Chie's background researched. She did not want Midori to be involved with a punk rock band.

When Midori saw her mother, she hijacked a truck and threatened to run her mother over. Shikanosuke and Chie jumped aboard and he overturned the truck. Shikanosuke then demanded that Midori and her mother discuss Midori's wishes and left.

Chapter 3: Lust for Love

Midori tracked the band down to Tokyo. She apologized for the event at the cult's farm. She explained that she had discussed her wish with her mother and she was disowned. She was happy that she could leave the family. Kirari suggested contacting Tonoya for a job. Chie offered to adopt her.

2 days later, Chie was still absent from school. Midori explained that she had returned to her grandparents' home to sort out the arbitration of Chie's parents's divorce. The following day, Midori invited Shikanosuke to meet Mayuki, the woman that Chie's father fell for. Midori explained that obtained the information from her information network.

They discovered that Mayuki was already 5 months pregnant. Midori yelled at her for causing trouble to Chie's family and stormed off.

A month later, Midori was revealed be living at an apartment. She is also attending school. Midori still visits Chie's home to play with Chie's sisters. Midori criticizes Chie's parents for being selfish and that Chie is too nice and is being taken advantage of.

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