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Migen Jr. is the comically oversized son of Migen Sr. He appears in Mischief Makers as an anthropomorphic lizard creature that serves as the boss of the second area of the game. Not much about him is revealed in the story other than he lives in a volcano and has no problem swimming in magma. Before the fight with Marina takes place, he eats Professor Theo to keep him secure and out of the way.
Caution: It Burns
He has three attacks he uses against Marina that involve punching, spitting fireballs, and spewing a powerful fire blast that lasts a few seconds. Catching fireballs will result in dropping blue gems that recover health. While this is going on, Migen Sr. floats around the edge of the screen and will heal his son if he takes too much damage. 
The only way to win is to catch Migen Jr.'s punches and throw them back against him and his father. Migen Sr. must be defeated first before Migen Jr. can be eliminated by throwing punches back in his face. Towards the end of the fight, he will try to fake out the player by pretending to attack and switch up his next move.
Beating Migen Jr. and Sr. without getting hit will result in a rare gold gem.

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