Puzzle battles

#1 Posted by Swayvos (18 posts) -

I am playing Clash of Heroes on the PS3. These puzzle battles are proving difficult. Actually the first four weren't so bad but number five is the first that is truly challenging. I can get to the point i only need one more move and i would win but i have yet to figure out the magic combo. Has anyone beaten Rolly's first puzzle challenge in the sleeping dragon inn? I looked for some guides to help but they all seem to cover the DS version and this particular puzzle challenge is different on the PS3 so no help yet...

#2 Posted by Farley_Lives (313 posts) -

I can't quite remember Rolly's puzzles, but i do remember finding out that they all match up with the DS version. I think what they did is switch his 2 puzzles around, meaning Rolly's 1st puzzle in HD is actually his 2nd puzzle on the DS version and vice-versa. Type "Rolly Puzzle" into you tube and look at the video and see if any of those match up.

If not, get a screen cap of the for me and I'll more then likely be able to remember the answer.

#3 Posted by Swayvos (18 posts) -

That would be the key!! They are in fact swapped. Though the units are different the movements are still the same i just didn't see that they were vice-versa. Thanks for pointing this out i was stumped. I figured out his second (formerly first without aid) but that fifth one was tricky. Thanks for the help

#4 Posted by yyZiggurat (1044 posts) -

I'm playing it on PS3 and Rolly's first puzzle has me stumped.  Not quite ready to look up the answer.

#5 Posted by Virago (2563 posts) -

Damn. I got stuck, and came here, and NONE OF YOU ARE HELPFUL. Thanks GB, Thanks a lot.

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