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Downloading this now. Anyone already had the chance of playing this? Does this feel anything like HoMM3? Or at least 5?

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Yea this is the second demo, there was one a few weeks earlier. I did a writeup of that.
They seemed to have fixed a huge amount of issues in this new version, some core stuff remains however like the town screens.

It's very derivative of 5 basically taking that game and working on top of it, there are smoe significant mechanic changes however and I'm not sure if those will work out for the better or worse yet.
Atm I prefer 5 to this. But we will see.

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If they ever manage to achieve the same degree of awesomeness as HOMM 3 had it will be the best TBS ever. 
I know they probably won't even come close, but I silently hope they will take a step in that direction.

#5 Posted by Tennmuerti (8174 posts) -
@eldiax: If anything 6 is taking steps away from that direction, way away.
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Played the hell out of it over the weekend with a few friends. Collectively we've put in probably 5k hours in HoMM3. All three of us agreed that this game is looking very solid, closer to HoMM 3 than 5.

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@poveren: Thanks for sharing. I've been on the fence about this game for a while and seeing you say that nudges me a bit towards buying it

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