Heroes of Might and Magic VI announced.

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El Link. 
Well, if that abrasively short teaser video and plenty of hints from the developers weren't enough, today Ubisoft finally announced Heroes of Might and Magic VI. For all I know, I might be the only person on these forums who still cares about the Might and Magic franchise, even with it being in the hands of Ubisoft and not New World Computing, but I am still somewhat excited by this announcement. So I must ask: does anyone other than me give a shit at this point?
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Hell yeah I give a damn!
Creature design is an important aspect of the HoMM series, at least in my humble opinion.
Nothing I've seen so far seems too exaggerated, which is a good thing.
The H5 campaign and characters felt a little 'meh' compared to the previous installments. I hope this one's better.

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I give a slight damn. HOMM5 looked pretty decent visually and if you're into contrived fantasy lore its at least on par with Warcraft 3. My problem is since nobody else is really doing it they really have no compulsion to evolve what they're doing. I wish Age fo Wonders was still being made, the two IPs could push each other forward.

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In this follow-up, a legendary archangel unites the peoples of Ashan against his ancient enemies, 
under the pretence of preparing for a demonic invasion. However, his plans are complicated by the powerful dynasty of the Griffin Dukes.

Oh god dammit!
#5 Posted by ryanwho (12012 posts) -

Griffin dukes aren't griffins. They also don't ride griffins. But they do totally have pet griffins that basically work like dragoons. 
They should totally have griffin riders.

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It looks exactly like V.
I didn't like V.
I'll give this a chance though.

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