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This game only supports towers. No laptops and especially not those weird ones that are like flat that schools like to have and they put the monitor on the computer. Fuck those things.

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How do you even decide that's a good idea?

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Fuck. I have a laptop. And I bought this game. This is going to end poorly, isn't it?

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@ArbitraryWater: It did for me at least.. Black screen. Only way out is a hard reset. I hope you have better luck :p

But this is fucking crazy, a lot of people cant start their game, and ubisoft's all like "you should have checked out the system requirements"


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I was looking forward to this, then saw it was Ubi... Sigh, why must so many awesome games be Ubi?

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That doesn't sound very economically viable. Oh hey let's ignore the vast majority of computers out there. No one uses those silly laptops!

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Ubisoft and PC games 
I feel like they aren't working that well together...

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Probably gonna pick this up in a sale, no way it's worth full price to me. The demo wasn't as terrible as I thought it would be, just clunky.

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I for one think the game is great. Also, system specs are quite low. I'm pretty sure they'll release a bunch of patches that'll include proper laptop support.

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Played the shit out of the demo.
But now the real thing out I'm swamped with other games :(
Sigh, I need to finish Dark Souls.

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Is this the type of thing you can patch? Or am I a dumbass? Or both?

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Wait, how do you not support laptops? At this point, what is the difference between a laptop and a desktop that allows for that?

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@Beforet said:

Wait, how do you not support laptops? At this point, what is the difference between a laptop and a desktop that allows for that?

I don't know also. Sounds like he tired installing it on a mac book or something.

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How about I just play Heroes 3?

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@Seedofpower: Nope, all nvidia cards that ends with an M are not supported in the game. That usually means the game is unplayable, with you getting a black screen and need to hard reset (depending on the driver) or the game just forces your video card driver to restart.

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It can't be that difficult to support the higher-end laptop GPU's these days; all the other games do it. They use nearly identical drivers to the desktop versions, and the CPU's are simply lower clocked versions of the desktop CPU.

Lol at these guys.

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I'm playing it fine maxed out on my laptop.
But I do have and ATI card.
Guess they fucked up with mobile Nvidia cards

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@coakroach said:


How about I just play Heroes 3?

Great idea... now I wanna play Heroes 3.

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Wait, really? But I figured the game's cartoonish, Torchlight/WoW-esque art style was designed specifically with low end compatibility in mind. How is this even...?

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Do the regedit thing (gewgle it). Worked for me.

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