What faction are you gona play?

#1 Posted by Rand (65 posts) -

hey duders

As HoMM6 is soon out i was wondering on what faction you guys are gona play.

i have always liked the magic faction in the HoMM games (order) and sanctuary is the magic faction in this one. My second goto faction in HoMM games is Haven.

#2 Posted by Enigma777 (6266 posts) -

I like the trolls with their big spoons and the eating of children. 

#3 Posted by Tennmuerti (8731 posts) -

ummm all of them?
Like in every HoMM ever.
Sanctuary isn't really a magic faction. They are just basically water dudes. Sanctuary IS kinda OP on water maps tho :/

#4 Posted by shakra (301 posts) -

Game is fun but twice now my internet went bonkers and ubi's drm quit to the menus without saving. Nothing to do with the thread just crying like a little girl.

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