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Mighty Flip Champs was created by WayForward for DSiWare and was eleased on June 1, 2009. Flip Champs was the first DSiWare project by as Warforward Technology as well as the first entry in the company's Mighty series. Mighty Flip Champs was greeted with acclaim from fans and critics alike upon its release. The game was later released as a Playstation Mini on July 12, 2011.


Mirrored Gameplay!

Players take control of a girl known as Alta as she escapes a series of mazes which are displayed on the top and bottom screens. Action takes place on the top screen, while the touch screen displays a preview of the next room and Atla's projected destination within it. The player can flip the screen with Atla's wand which moves the display on the touch screen to the top, and a new screen is shown on the bottom screen. After completing eight of these screen mazes the player will complete the level and can advance to the next. There are 40 levels overall.

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