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Power Pete is an action figure in a toy store. At night, all the toys in the store come to life. A group of fuzzy bunnies, afraid of the meaner toys in the store, scatter around. Power Pete comes in to save the day by rescuing all of the bunnies.


There are 5 levels that Power Pete needs to advance through, each with 3 sub-levels, making for a total of 15. Some levels are only available when certain difficulty settings are used.

  • Prehistoric Plaza -(Easy difficulty)
  • Candy Cane Lane -(Easy difficulty)
  • Fairy Tale Trail -(Easy difficulty)
  • Magic Funhouse -(Medium difficulty)
  • Bargain Bin -(Hard difficulty only)


  • Suction Cup Gun - A gun that shoots suction cup darts. The player's beginning weapon, it is very weak, has a limited range, and has a low rate of fire.
  • Rock- The run-of-the-mill rock. It is thrown like a grenade. It has a short range, but does however do a decent amount of damage. This weapon can be thrown over hedges.
  • Musket - This weapon, found early in the game, shoots a round projectile that looks somewhat like a small cannon ball. The weapon has a fast rate of fire, long range, and does a large amount of damage. This is the first weapon capable of damaging a T-rex.
  • Flamethrower - The flamethrower, while extremely powerful, has a very limited range. It shoots a continuous stream of fire and as such, consumes ammunition very quickly.
  • Double-Barreled Gumball Blaster - A double barreled gun that shoots colorful two colorful gumballs at a time. It has a standard rate of fire and does a mediocre amount of damage.
  • Triple-Barreled Gumball Blaster - A better version of the double-barreled gumball blaster, it fires three gumballs at a time and has a fast rate of fire.
  • Toothpaste - A rather weak weapon, it shoots a continuous stream of toothpaste a short distance.
  • Heat Seeker - This gun fires a missile that will seek the nearest target. The missiles move very slowly however and a second missile can not be fired until the first missile finds its mark, as such, it is considered the worst weapon in the game by many.
  • Pie - A pie that when thrown explodes, covering its target in food.
  • Exploding Birthday Cake - A cake that is thrown at a target. While it has a short range, it can effect multiple enemies and does a very high amount of damage, killing most enemies in one hit.
  • Fairy Dust -This weapon launches a ball of "magic" at the enemy. While it has a slow rate of fire, its range is unlimited.
  • Rubber Band Gun - The rubber band gun, as its name implies, shoots rubber bands. These rubber bands bounce around against solid objects until they hit an enemy. It comes in two version, the only difference being the amount of damage they inflict.
  • Rocket Launcher - A extremely powerful weapon, it destroys everything in the direction the player fires it in. Unfortunately, the player has to wait for the first rocket to finish before launching another.
  • Gatling Gun- This gun fires shot after shot very quickly, but it is ineffective against the more powerful enemies.


At certain points in the game Power Pete with say different things like when he picks up a life, is near a fuzzy bunny, or gets hit by an enemy. Most of the time these phrases are pretty funny.

ex.  "Come here you rodent!"
       "Free Dude"
       "Take that you fiend!"

Game play

The game play is fairly simple. Though it can be tweaked, the player moves around with the arrow keys and shoots with the space bar. It makes for easy but addictive gameplay. 

The "R" key triggers the Radar, which is used to locate the lost rabbits.
The "P" key activates the Pause option.
The "Tab" key cycles through the weapons.
And "Space" fires the weapon selected.

When enemies are slain, they drop different items. Some items include:
These are counted out at the end of the level, and can earn you extra Hearts and / or Free Dudes.
Ammo is dropped for various weapons.
 Power Ups
"Fire in the hole!"

Circle of Fire
Temporary Invulnerability
Temporary Speed
Freezes the enemies

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