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Tenchi muyo OVA

 Mihoshi, in the OVA series.
Mihoshi Kuramitsu is a character from the Tenchi anime series. In the OVA series, (Original Video Animation) she is a dizzy blond who also has a bad habit of causing collateral damage; she is also the grandaughter of the Grand Marshal of the Galaxy Police - which is the cause of Mihoshi being in the Galaxy Police. Mihoshi is part of the Kuramitsu family whose power matches the Jurai Royal family (She is rumor to be the great great grandaughter of Washu).

Because of Mihoshi being part of the Kuramitsu family and the grandaughter of the Grand Marshal of the Galaxy Police, things were just giving to Mihoshi such as a "Control Cube" that has a bit more features and "secrets" than the other Control Cube that other Galaxy Police officers have and a luxurious space ship known as the "Yagami". Despite Mihoshi's family spoiling her, Mihoshi is well manner and carefree; she is loyal to her friends, and she is also does all her chores much better than any other person in the Masaki household - the place that she's living in. She is also best known to be the luckest person alive.

The way Mihoshi ended up on Earth is she was assigned to the Sol System by the Galaxy Police. The Sol System is were Tenchi Muyo villain,Kagato, was sighted but that turn out to be false according to the Galaxy Police report. The Galaxy Police sent Mihoshi to the Sol System as a way for her to not cause any more trouble, all Mihoshi had to do was just monitor the Sol System, but Mihoshi misinterpreted the orders and decided to capture Kagato. Mihoshi enters the planet Earth but she was about to be pull into a black hole that was cause by a monster that Ryoko summon out in a fight against Ayeka. But just about Mihoshi was going to be pull in the black hole, Tenchi - the lead character of the series - saves Mihoshi from her terrible fate.

Tenchi Universe

 Mihoshi, in Tenchi Universe.
In the Tenchi Universe series (Tenchi Muyo T.V in Japan), Mihoshi plays a similar role. The differences in the Universe series is she teams up with a new character to the Tenchi series named Kiyone. Kiyone was a first class detective before she partnered up with Mishoshi because of Mihoshi's bad habit of causing so much collateral damage, both Kiyone & Mihoshi were demoted from first class.Kiyone and the rest of the Galaxy Police thought Mihoshi was kill during a pursuit of the space pirate Ryoko (Kiyone was actually happy with the death of Mihoshi) but it turn out to be false. Mihoshi was just stranded on Earth with no way of getting out. Along side with Ryoko, they both ended up staying with Tenchi and the rest of his family.

Tenchi in Tokyo

 Mihoshi, in Tenchi in Tokyo.
Mihoshi's role in Tenchi in Tokyo is a lot similar from her role in Universe. She gets partnered up with Kiyone who was a first class detective but they both got demoted because of Mihoshi's bad habits. In Tenchi in Tokyo, Mihoshi's art style is a bit different from the previous series.


Mihoshi Special

 Mihoshi, in Mihoshi Special.
Mihoshi Special is not a spin-off from the OVA, it's not part of  the canon from any of the previous series. In Mihoshi Special, Mihoshi is being accused of being worthless by Ayeka - she also starts to wonder as to why she ever got into the Galaxy Police - after catching Mihoshi sleeping while she was suppose to do her chores. But Mihoshi proves Ayeka wrong by telling her and the other members of the Masaki household a story about her solving the "Ultra Energy Matter Case."

Mihoshi teams up with Kiyone - whom blames Mihoshi for demoting her from the first class rank of the Galaxy Police. Their job was to retreived back the Ultra Energy Matter that was stolen, and rescue fellow Galaxy Police officer Tenchi from the evil space pirate Ryoko. Joining along side Mihoshi & Kiyone is Sasami & Tenchi's wife, Ayeka.

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