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Mike Carroll used to skate for H-Street and then joined the super team Plan B Skatboards. MIke is most famous for being on of the most inovative and technical street skaters of the early 1990s. After the death of Mike Ternasky, Carroll started Girl with fellow Plan B member Rick Howard.

He was a rider for Vans for a long time, but left and joined DC Shoes after Vans released his signature shoes. DC then released their own Carroll signature shoes called Cosmo. Carroll and Howard then went on to found Lakai, a prominent shoe company in Skate 3.

-Mike Carroll is said to have discovered the famous skate spot 2nd and Navy, the real life counterpart to Skate 3's 3rd and Army.

A number of Skaters at San Francisco's 2nd and Navy.
A number of Skaters at San Francisco's 2nd and Navy.

-Mike Carroll was was Thrasher Magazine's 1994 skater of the year.

-Carroll was deamed a David Duchovny look-a-like in Vancouver, BC, Canada in May 1995

-Mike Carroll and Eric Koston share the publicly agreed hardest pro challenge in Skate 2 called "Can You Spell GIRL?" in which you must be both players in one game of SKATE. This is referenced when you first meet Carroll and he greets you with "Hey man, wanna lay a game of Skate? Sike!"

Mike Carroll sponsors:

    • Girl
    • Lakai
    • Fourstar
    • Royal
    • Diamond Supply Co.

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