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In Dark Seed, Mike Dawson (named after the game's lead designer), an ad company manager who hates his job and pursues his goal in life to become a writer, purchases a solitary mansion in a small town called Woodland Hills. The solitary environment and sheer beauty of the house crush common sense and is what make him decide to buy the house. Upon reaching the house, you suddenly feel tired and find a bed, proceeding to fall asleep, only to find yourself in a nightmare, unable to wake up.

In his nightmare, he is in the dark world, a version of his life and the world around it that has turned into a world of terror. An unknown source has implanted a seed of darkness in your mind, and Mike only have three days to find a way to stop it.
Luckily, Mike Dawson found a way to save the world from the 'Ancients'. Unfortunately, after experiencing the events from the first game, the experience causes him to have a mental breakdown. In attempt to regain his sanity he returns to his childhood home town and moves in with his mother. A year goes by and Mike is still suffering from serious mental problems and memory lapses.
Things go from bad to worse, his high school girlfriend, Rita, is found murdered after their high school reunion and everyone seems to believe that Mike is the one murdered her. The 'Ancients' have returned to get their vengeance. In order for Mike to clear his name, he must venture back through the different realities and stop the Ancients from taking over the world yet again. 

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