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As one of the trainers at Whispering Rock Summer Camp, Milla specializes in levitation and teaches the children how to levitate through a dance party like dream in her mind. She is a foreign agent that loves to be the center of attention. She is also one of the best levitators in the world.

Feelings for Sasha

 As indicated by memory vaults in her level, she harbors very strong feelings towards Sasha Nein. In the memory they are touring the world together as agents until the end where they fall awkwardly on top of each other and blush. She is also surprised and flattered greatly when Raz mentions that Sasha acknowledges her as one of the worlds best psychics prior to Raz's levitation training.



Another memory vault in her level is found where figments of children are playing in a dark desolate room with toys and a toy box in it. The vault displays Milla before she became a psychonaut. In it she has taken a job at an unnamed orphanage as a nurse. The slides show her taking care of the children and being very happy. The slides toward the end shows Milla returning from a grocery to discovery the orphanage that she worked at in flames and she mourns over the children she once loved. The toy box located in the room takes Raz to a small room with shadowy figures that appear to be on fire. They hiss and whisper "Why did you leave us Milla?", "Why did you let us die?". They do not attack Raz because it appears that they are inside a cage made of fire. Milla constantly warns Raz to turn back and that it's something he doesn't want to see prior to entering the cage.

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