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Millenium Aucation places players into the role of a high stakes bidder at a futuristic Auction House, controlled by the World Body government. The game was developed by Eidolon and is set in the then future year of 2011.

The game begins by choosing from one of seven predefined characters, each with their own personalities and motivations. Each game takes place over a single day and consists of twelve items for auction, which are pulled randomly from a pool of 135 in total. The player begins with 8.5 million UN dollars and the bidder with the highest net worth at the end of the day is declared the winner. The four bidders per game can be controlled by either computer AI or other players.


Auctions play out in real time, with bidding tokens gained by browsing the gallery and answering questions correctly. There are three rounds of auctions consisting of four items apiece in each game, and they are triggered at the players command. Bidding wars have a strategic feel and the historical prizes include famous works of art, general items of value and satirical memorabilia such as Bill Clinton's Saxophone. Item descriptions can be both informative and subversive.

Between auctions the player uses a point and click interface to navigate the offbeat auction house. NPC's, including opponents, populate the world and help shape storylines through their dialogue and gossip. Television, radio and newspapers are frequently updated with creative stories that can affect the value of items up for bid. Investigation becomes necessary to outwit opponents and determine if works are undervalued, overvalued or possibly counterfeit.

The other main hub is a virtual reality interface called InfoLink. Guded by an AI named Nuria, InfoLink is a network where items are cataloged and researched, prices are monitored and winnings are sold to potential buyers via the ArtNet bulletin board system.

Artwork and Sound

Early 3D models and animation, photographs and full motion video are used to portray the sterile, modern world of Millennium Auction. The auction house has a futuristic look and the historical artwork is accurately portrayed. Characters are fully voiced and FMV clips appear during news segments and auctions. The game soundtrack includes selections of classical music as well as original electronic compositions.

Millennium Auction was released in 1994 one one CD-ROM with an MSRP of $69.95. An additional CD of bonus materials was included in the game.

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