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Millennium Winter Sports is a sports game developed by Konami Computer Entertainment Osaka and published by Konami Corporation (Konami of America in the US) exclusively for the Game Boy Color.


Millennium Winter Sports is a sports game focusing on winter sports such as skiing and snowboarding.There are two main game modes to choose from in the game, along with an options menu and rankings.

The first mode is championship. In championship mode players progress through a series of 8 events in a set order. Players are then ranked in each event depending on performance.


  • Bobsled - At the beginning the player alternates pressing the A and B button as quickly as possible to build up the power meter. After players launch the bobsled it is then controlled by pressing right or left on the D-Pad.
  • Snowboarding Half Pipe - Players get 6 jumps that alternate between the two sides of the half pipe. As the player approaches the side of the half pipe a meter will start in which the place the player presses the A button will determine the trick. The game then pauses and gives the player a small amount of time to input the series of directional inputs to pull the trick off.
  • Giant Slalom - Players go down a hill on a snowboard and use the D-Pad to steer left and right. There are blue and red flags on the course that must be passed on either the right or the left. If the flag is run into the player will be disqualified.
  • Speed Skating - Players race around an oval track on ice skates. The D-Pad controls the left while the A button controls the right. Players alternate holding right and left trying to hit the sweet spot on the meter before switching to the other.
  • Ski Jumping K:120 - Players try and jump as far as possible off of a ski jump. Players use the A button to wind up and start while pressing the A and B buttons alternating will build up the power. up on the D-Pad is to launch from the ramp while using up and down will control the angle while in the air.
  • Down Hill - Players race down a hill on skis trying to get down the hill as fast as possible while also skiing between sets of flags. The D-Pad controls the player left and right.
  • Aerials - In Aerials players try and launch off of skii jumps and perform certain tricks. Alternating between the A and B buttons will control the power, and the tricks work the same way as they do in the snowboard half pipe event.
  • Ski Jumping K:90 - The K:90 ski jump event is virtually the same as the K:120, just on a different sized jump.

Challenge Mode

In challenge mode players can select the following events to try and improve their score or practice on:

  • Ski Jumping K:90
  • Down Hill
  • Speed Skating
  • Snowboarding Half Pipe

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