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Now I think this may be considered Youtube spam however it is related to the game so I'm not sure.

This guy has way too much time on his hands.


  So...yeah. I would never have the time or skill to create something like this in Minecraft.

Has anyone ever created something really cool in Minecraft. If so, tell us about it. The most I ever did was help some guy who was building a huge boot shaped castle with built in waterslide.

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He used a program to do that, it was not all done by hand.

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Already posted on another forum.

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@CptChiken said:

" Already posted on another forum. "

Really? Aww. I didn't see it. At least mine is in the correct place :)

Edit: Nevermind. So is his. I really am blind today. 

If any mods wish to close this they may do so. Or everyone just go to the other thread so that this one falls.

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I know one thing that guy probably doesn't have the time or skill for. baaaa zing!

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Closed by request.

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