A cheap bastard who needs some help.

#1 Posted by Twitchey (962 posts) -

A few months ago I was playing online with some friends in Black Ops when one mentioned Minecraft. Back then I had no idea what Minecraft was but it had peaked my interest. After a short conversation he asked me if I wanted to play Minecraft for free, which really excited me. Well turns out it was not his account, it was his friend's account and his friend changed his password, which I have no problem with since I don't need his code to play single (Which I mostly play) and he has a right to privacy.

So what I need help with is just a simple question, even though I cannot sign into a premium account can I still download future updates like 1.5_02 or 1.6?

I intend to buy Minecraft over the summer but I would like to have the updates until then.

#2 Posted by Aus_azn (2272 posts) -

Wait, what?

I don't know if I'm reading this correctly, but is this practically saying that your friend took (stole?) his friend's Minecraft account and is now offering it to you?

That's nasty of him.

#3 Posted by Twitchey (962 posts) -
@Aus_azn: No his friend shared his account with a few people and I guess he was tired of his character's skin changing constantly so he changed his password. If I was in his shoe's I would never do that.
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Yes, you will still be able to update.

#5 Posted by CL60 (17120 posts) -
@dungbootle said:
Yes, you will still be able to update.
Don't you need to login to update?
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I think you can force updates before you login, not sure though as i havent come across anything like his before.

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@CL60 said:

@dungbootle said:

Yes, you will still be able to update.

Don't you need to login to update?
I don't think so. If you don't login, the game will ask if you want to play offline. I'm just going off my knowledge from my time playing a pirate copy, because the situation sounds similar (I bought Minecraft about a month ago).
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Its 15$, and free online. I don't understand the dilemma? You can spend 60$ on black ops but not 15$ on minecraft?

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@Beaudacious: Black Ops was a gift and I never had a chance to buy it. Honestly I'm on and off with Minecraft.
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I too am on and off with Minecraft, sometimes i cannot be bothered to sit down for 3-4 hours building stuff.  The main enjoyment i get from it is building a large project with a group of like minded players.

I bought the game in Alpha for something like £5 and it was a bargain then. And to be honest is still a bargain at £12, the amount of free updates and host tools is great.

I didnt even realise you could play SP without a premium account, seems like an issue that needs to be addressed by the Notch and the dev team.

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nope, no updating without an account.

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Basically, you can buy it in the future and it is updated to the latest version anyway. It's cheaper in Beta than it will be when it's finished... so.
It's worth it to just fork out the money and have your very own account.

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I've bought the game for myself, my kids and friends around 9 times now. That you're sitting here debating using what amounts to a pirated copy of a $15 game disgusts me, regardless of how much time you put into it, if you're interested enough that you will play more of it, just buy the damned game.

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