Anyone else keep having issues with the game black-screening?

#1 Posted by Sanity (1950 posts) -

Seems like i cant play more then 30 minutes without the game crashing. The worst part is when the game crashes the world reverts to a earlier state and if im underground that means im usually dead. Seems lots of people are having this issue over at the official forums but no fix yet as far as i can tell, irritating as hell.

#2 Posted by SquidDivision (6 posts) -

If you have a 64 bit operating system, make sure you have 64 bit Java installed.  You have to go to the java site with IE to be able to download it.  64 bit Java solves a lot of common problems, including the having your view distance set to Far crashes.

#3 Posted by Sanity (1950 posts) -

Thanks, gonna try that later, never thought that would make a difference.

#4 Posted by Nick (698 posts) -

Yeah this has happened to me 6 or 7 times now, it's pretty annoying. Hopefully this gets fixed soon.
#5 Posted by Pumpe (70 posts) -

Do you have mods installed?
Some mods caused my game to black screen either because they were broken or if they werent updated.

#6 Posted by obanana1 (18 posts) -

no... haven't been playing it alot but my little bro is minecraft addict and if anything  went wrong he should've told me...

im on V1.4 something and works fine
#7 Posted by Krakn3Dfx (2502 posts) -

Installing 64-bit Java solved this for me.  Had to run IE 64-bit to download it tho.

#8 Edited by dungbootle (2428 posts) -

Downloading 64-bit Java fixed the problem for me.

#9 Posted by Sanity (1950 posts) -

Yea, the 64 bit java worked, thanks again.

#10 Edited by Poppduder (460 posts) -

Does this only solve the problem if you're using the browser based Minecraft?  I have a 64 bit chip but 32 bit OS (i know) but it still crashes for me pretty regularly, though iwas able to play yesterday for a good hour and a half w/o a problem, though it was worse today.  Anyone else have any ideas?

EDIT: well i feel dumb.  Updated drivers for my graphics card, turned fog on just in case.  Runs perfect.

#11 Posted by Jams (2966 posts) -
@dudy80: I heard it was the Advanced GL setting that made it where it didn't load blocks that weren't visible or something. It kept happening to me but turning GL off didn't seem to help, so I stopped playing.
#12 Posted by jmrwacko (2443 posts) -

Note that if you dynamically generate a world using a character string, the game crashes pretty consistently if the view distance is set to far. Dunno why. Just set the view distance to normal and you'll be golden.

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