Are you getting Minecraft on XBL Marketplace

#1 Posted by Vinny_Says (5909 posts) -

#2 Posted by Vinny_Says (5909 posts) -

If somehow you haven't played the other 6 versions, what pushed you to get it now?

#3 Posted by ImmortalSaiyan (4745 posts) -

Much like all previous version of Minecraft I have no desire to play this one.

#4 Posted by MatthewFord (9 posts) -

I can honestly say that I do not get Minecraft.

#5 Posted by BaneFireLord (3083 posts) -

I will not buy the 360 version and I am going to continue to ignore the fact that I own the PC version.

#6 Posted by Breadfan (6803 posts) -

I can play on my couch, yo. Plus, I have more friends who are likely to buy it on the Xbox.

#7 Posted by Coafi (1519 posts) -

I had never seen any videos of Minecraft until I saw the quicklook. I thought the game had a purpose or quests and it does not. I can't play games that are like that since I get bored real easily. Who knows? Maybe if they put it up cheap on those XBL deals, perhaps I'll get it to play with friends.

#8 Posted by SuperSambo (3019 posts) -

Been playing the newer version on the PC to get ready for this old version on 360.

It makes sense if you don't think about it.

#9 Posted by BraveToaster (12636 posts) -

Owning it on PC is enough for me.

#10 Posted by Barrock (3759 posts) -

No. I hope people resist. I don't want $20 to become the new norm for XBLA.

#11 Posted by Dimsey (1108 posts) -

I own the PC version already, but I'll probably grab it on the 360.  
Mainly for the comfort factor. A lot more comfortable to play the Xbox from the bed then to sit in my computer chair for hours. 
Some of the console versions limitations bug me, but not enough to put me off it. I'm sure I'll still have some degree of fun with the splitscreen and I think I can rope more people into playing it on the 360.

#12 Posted by DarthOrange (4094 posts) -

Probably, I love me some mindless games. 20 bucks seems step though.....

#13 Posted by Deathmachine117 (383 posts) -

I own it for the PC and I regret that purchase so no. Maybe if my friends played it maybe it could swing me just for dumb entertainment.

#14 Posted by kermoosh (919 posts) -

there are a plethora of features that were left out of the 360 edition

i heard they will update it for free, if they do then i'll buy it, if not maybe PC

also to answer your question i have a macbook and minecraft was only on PC at the time so i kinda just forgot about it till now

#15 Posted by SMTDante89 (2726 posts) -

I'm not sure. I kind of doubt it though, don't have Gold so I'd be playing on my own and I don't think it's quite as fun playing it that way, doubt it would be worth $20 (to me anyway).

#16 Posted by SomeDeliCook (2353 posts) -

@Barrock said:

No. I hope people resist. I don't want $20 to become the new norm for XBLA.

#17 Edited by Capum15 (5106 posts) -

Nope, I have it on PC - ever since Alpha. I'm wondering how updates will work, as the XBLA one seems to be back in...1.6?

#18 Posted by JBG4 (673 posts) -

I am getting it on XBL. I have friends who don't have dedicated PC's so this is an opportunity to join up with them.

#19 Posted by Slay3r1583 (674 posts) -

I never payed any attention to Minecraft before but I watched the Quick Look yesterday and it piqued my interested. I don't know if I'm willing to pay $20 though. If it was $15 or less I'd most likely buy it.

#20 Posted by Dragon_Fire (375 posts) -

Already own it on PC, played the crap out of it, But I'm not will to go for again for 20 more bucks and have less then what is in the PC version. (NO MODS ALSO)

#21 Posted by BestUsernameEver (5027 posts) -

@ImmortalSaiyan said:

Much like all previous version of Minecraft I have no desire to play this one.

Well aren't you mr. cool guy.

#22 Posted by Guided_By_Tigers (8020 posts) -

Nope, its pricey and I don't have an interest in building stuff

#23 Posted by SirPsychoSexy (1354 posts) -

If I could use my PC account on it I would, I don't plan on buying it twice.

#24 Posted by Vinny_Says (5909 posts) -

I had zero interest in minecraft before I saw that quick look, but something about building and digging reminds me of LEGO and that was a large part of my childhood. I still think $20 is a little too steep for what is essentially a big sandbox without objectives but I've seen the effect it had on Mr. Shoecrafter so who knows....

#25 Posted by Dredlockz (376 posts) -


Playing with the wife split-screen in the comfort of our fancy 52''-TV-comfy-sofa-surround-sound setup

#26 Posted by Rudeboy217 (1783 posts) -

I am on the fence at the moment. I will probably wait for it to go on sale like I always do.

#27 Posted by Rafaelfc (1767 posts) -

I'm on the fence right now. But once it's up on the marketplace i'll probably go into full anxiety attack-mode and just buy it like I usually do with games I have some interest in. Thankfully I actually like minecraft.

#28 Posted by NapTimeSleeper (342 posts) -

I might. My laptop can barely run it and I haven't played it in about a year or so.

#29 Posted by xyzygy (10592 posts) -

I don't really see Minecraft as a "game"... at least, not one that I would like to get into.

#30 Posted by Athadam (755 posts) -

Why isn't it out yet?!? It's past midnight already :(

#31 Posted by MagusMaleficus (1074 posts) -

Yeppers, I got it. Why? I have no problem sitting for hours on my couch playing a game on my 360 (as I did earlier when I fired up Minecraft). I can't stand sitting at my desk for more than one to two hours anymore. If I could afford a super-expensive uber-comfortable desk chair, maaaaaaybe that would change.

#32 Posted by Warihay (517 posts) -

Really on the fence of buying it. Not going to bother with the PC version as I just prefer to play games on my TV. The QL really got me interested in it but 20 is a bit high. Really starting to regret I missed out on Best Buys sale.

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