Best Minecraft Hunger Games maps

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Hi guys, I am not here to advertise , just wanted to say my friend have a 100 slot server with bunch of cool hunger games map and mini games, we are having a lot of fun ! :) Ip is

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@Phatmac: ?

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That sounds like advertising.

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@SexyToad: I just wanna have fun we are only 5 right now playing more we are better it is :( sorry if it seems like advertising

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Have people really been clamoring for Hunger Games maps?

#7 Posted by kindnivore (2954 posts) -

@LordAndrew said:

Have people really been clamoring for Hunger Games maps?

You kind of have to "clamour" for them seeing as once you've played one you know where everything is. Also, a lot of YouTube stars seem to play them on "Let's Plays," so there's that.

#8 Posted by SexyToad (2939 posts) -

Actualy I have a thread for this but you actualy have to be a part of giantbomb. Stay around a bit. Contribute to the forums. Don't be advertising and so on .

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This falls exactly into what we consider spam. The forums are meant to be a place of discussion and the forum rules openly state that threads which contain little text and a link or are used for the purposes of self-promotion are not allowed on these forums.


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