Can my computer run this game?

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Awhile ago I needed a desktop so I bought a desktop with windows and all the software preloaded onto it from dell. I kind of want to try minecraft on my pc but not sure if I can run it.

Processor: i5-2320 3.00GHz

Graphics Card: Intel HD graphics card(which is probably a generic piece of crap lol)


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I don't see why not, my old macbook air plays it grand.

The latest game also included the release of the demo so try that first :)

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Minecraft will run on anything.

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Minecraft will run on anything.

No it will not.
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My laptop is worse than that (2.1GHZ dual-core, 3GB RAM, integrated graphics) and it runs on medium draw distance and max everything else at about 15-20 fps. Should be fine if you ask me.

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Have you tried running the Java browser client? I'm pretty sure it's the same client (different) version and should give you an idea on how it will run.

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Yeah, but maybe have a bit more fog than you'd like.

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Go to they barley added a demo version. You can play for two in game days I believe.

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Alright I think I'll try to run the demo, hopefully it works

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@OllyOxenFree said:


Minecraft will run on anything.

No it will not.

Minecraft is a lot more demanding that what people may think. Java can be a huge resource hog if not implemented properly. Luckily, Minecraft lets you assing more RAM to it, which can help boost the game's performance significantly.

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Google Can you run it, or Can i run that game

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Yes. I've played it on much worse, though you'll still have to turn some settings down.

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