Do you upgrade your first dwelling in Minecraft or build new ones

#1 Posted by Brians (1465 posts) -

So I was wondering what people do. After you start a new world in Minecraft and have built a house and bed do you choose to upgrade the house as time goes by or build a new one?

#2 Posted by CptChiken (1987 posts) -

I upgrade, unless i find a better spot on my travels. 
Also i think this would have been better as a poll.

#3 Posted by Brians (1465 posts) -

@CptChiken: I didn't think it would be a good poll which is why I just asked.

#4 Posted by SmilingPig (1341 posts) -

I upgrade untill I get lost, than I bild a new one.

#5 Posted by Brians (1465 posts) -

Unrelated but god I like having a chicken farm as most of the places I got barely have any chickens and it is such a pain to find damn eggs.

#6 Posted by ABritishNerd (318 posts) -

@Brians: I always upgrade my base house in single player but if I'm playing online I move as far out as possible once I've got some resources.

#7 Posted by Brians (1465 posts) -

So I went with Upgraded original house.

#8 Posted by James_ex_machina (899 posts) -

I just keep building on. One one world I built a large place then tunneled for miles under the water and built another large place.

#9 Posted by Vexxan (4619 posts) -

I tend to stick close to my first building and build more stuff around it. 

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