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From Notch's Twitter:

""I started tweaking some code. Model parts can now contain child model parts! Minecraft is almost becoming a modern game. And texturing this dragon is going to be.. interesting.. I'll keep working on this way into this weekend, probably."

Also, pic of said dragon, although obviously not yet textured.http://i.imgur.com/xj6us.jpg

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So you think they/notch, used the dragon as a test for the child model parts..? Intriguing to see what they'll be doing with that further on.

More mobs are cool and all, but news on more gamey elements peak my interest more.

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An obvious dig at Bethesda, it seems.

@lightsoda: it's "pique"

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@Getz: Nah, he said back in Alpha that he wanted to include Dragons.

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I'm still baffled why it takes any time at all to update that game, unless the coding is really complicated. Cause I could make a better dragon that that in a couple hours with Google Sketchup.

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