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#51 Posted by Finstern (711 posts) -
@TheBeast: At any one time there was only 2 or 3 online with at most 10 people online. I don't think it even used a meg of upstream or downstream. It was fairly light on the processor with the biggest take on the RAM clocking in at just under a gig but if you reset it at night you could keep it lower.
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So I did a bit of testing on my older PC that I use as a file server, and long story short: That's not happening.  
Going over the network from my game PC it seemed alright, but on the server I get all types of messages about the server not being able to keep up every time I teleported somewhere. And when I went to the edge of the known map everything just grinded to a halt for a good ten seconds while it generated more world to explore. And that was with just me on the server.
Then for fun I tried to start up iTunes and listen to a podcast and everything in the gameworld started stuttering.
RAM usage was next to nothing, so I think its mostly the processor not being able to keep up.
Keep in mind that this is on an AMD Athlon64 3000+ with 1GB of RAM, so this was pretty much what I expected. I think a fairly recent dual core PC would have no problem with it.
So I guess I'm out for now. Also all of the custom server software is for creative mode etc. I didn't find a SMP custom server program anywhere.

#53 Posted by Lonewolftom (25 posts) -

What is the IP for the server?

#54 Posted by Vision (793 posts) -

The server is currently down since the host computer exploded.

#55 Posted by Lonewolftom (25 posts) -
@Vision: Eek, okay :O
#56 Posted by Meteora (5844 posts) -

Well, there's always the other American servers to mess around while we wait for someone else to host the server. Ping isn't really that big of a deal in Minecraft imo and there's a few people mucking about even at 5 am in the morning.

#57 Posted by Bjorn (112 posts) -

Within a couple of weeks, maybe a month. I am going to start a minecraft server regardless of how this is going then. But if its still down, I guess I would try to get this one going again. Will be on a 10MBit upload speed, with a AMD Phenom x4 CPU at around 3.4 ghz, 4 gig of ram and a 40gig SSD. I am not sure if it will be good enough for European standards. But if its still down it would be worth a shot. ;)
The Europeans need a home to...

#58 Posted by reddin (429 posts) -
That should be more than enough to run the server. I don't think I ever saw more than 10 people online at the same time, so the connection should be fine as well.

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