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Hello and welcome to the one stop shop for The Giant Bomb Feed The Beast Server (FTB) that’s made for duders like you. FTB is just like normal minecraft with some of the top mods thrown in. I’m talking mods that let you put on super power armor that will let you glide around like a bird and hell of ores that increase the mining experience tenfold. You want new blocks to play with? GREAT! There are new biomes that come with their own new visual style. There are new trees, wood from said trees and entirely new gameplay mechanics. A whole new “World” (Twilight Forest) filled with new animals and biomes that are unlike any other thing you have ever seen in minecraft. This is just the surface of FTB and this is how you get it.



  • · Download the launcher for the client here
  • ·
  • · Install and run
  • · Now go to the Modpacks tab and select Monster (v1.1.1) Minecraft Version 1.6.4
  • · Create Profile and launch like normal Minecraft
  • · The rest should be normal for regular Minecrafters
  • · Select Multiplayer
  • · Add Server
  • · Name the server what you want


I now have Cap and Fuzz capable of starting/restarting If the server were to go down

Now let me talk to you as a damn person.

I love minecraft and I love playing with old friends and new people alike. That’s why we decided to get our own FTB server. We invite anyone and everyone to come check it out whether you’re a long devoted Giant Bomb fan or a friend of a friend’s dog walker who fell down a well that you saw on TV that you think/know hated Giant Bomb. We just ask that you have a love for minecraft and show people respect. This is a server for mature people only, but this does not mean there is an age gate. Here are our simple no brainer rules.



  • · Never mess with anything that is not yours unless given direct permission by the person who made it.
  • · If you’re building near someone else’s town get permission from the creator and try to stick with their plan.
  • · Building near spawn must be given direct permission by Dark, Fuzz, or Cap. What is spawn you say? Spawn is anything within view of the tree.
  • · You must refrain from leaving massive holes in the ground from explosions or other mass destruction tools or weapons.
  • · No Nukes, Chunkloaders, Spawners, Quarries, and Mystcraft worlds should ever be used unless given the go by a Moderator.



The Moderators are people I have the most trust with and because of that they will be the following.

  • · Capum15 Cap
  • · FuzzyLongcat Fuzz
  • · DarkstarKoP Dark
  • · The Nodderly Clan Nod

These select few are here to keep the griefers away and to help repair your broken dream homes if such an event were to occur. No other ops will be handed out for the time being.


So, this server is a Survival server and Creative will only be handed out to those who are deemed deserving by every active Mod at the time.


I want to be transparent about some key info on our server.

  • · Hosting our server is ”MC Pro Hosting” (again)
  • · The Plan we’re on is Obsidian
  • · The person limit is 70, but is far less than that because of FTB and plugins etc.

Now that this is out in the open, let me tell you my plan.

There is none. I just wanted a place to build and mine in peace and to let others do the same. Its paid for a year starting now. We should stay pretty smooth sailing and fingers crossed it should stay that way.

My rant is over and if you read this far I hope you enjoy your stay with us at **** Come by to visit or stay with us. Just be sure to have fun <3.

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I'm that Fuzzy guy that was mentioned.. hi.

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No matter all the fancy new games that come out we always find ourselves stumbling back to some version of Minecraft, don't we?

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I think it'd help if you added the IP to the OP.

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