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July 31, 2013: Live map added


Hello and welcome to the one stop shop for The Giant Bomb Feed The Beast Server (FTB) that’s made for duders like you. FTB is just like normal minecraft (version 1.4.7) with some of the top mods thrown in. I’m talking mods that let you put on super powered armor that will let you glide around like a bird and 20+ ores that increase the mining experience tenfold. You want new blocks to play with? GREAT! There are also new Biomes that come with their own new visual style. There are new trees, wood from said trees and entirely new gameplay mechanics. A whole new “World” (Twilight Forest) filled with new animals and biomes that are unlike any other thing you have ever seen in minecraft. This is just the surface of FTB and this is how you get it.



  • · Download the launcher for the client here
  • · Install and run
  • · Now go to the mod tab and select FTB Ultimate (v1.1.2) Minecraft Version 1.4.7
  • · Log in and launch like normal Minecraft
  • · The rest should be normal for regular Minecrafters
  • · Select Multiplayer
  • · Add Server
  • · Name the server what you want


A small side note is that the server may look like it’s not joinable (Red X) but don’t fear, you can in fact join. If the server were to go down there will be a post about it, and an educated guess as to when it will be back up.

Now let me talk to you as a damn person.

I love minecraft and I love playing with old friends and new people alike. That’s why we (Fuzzy and I) decided to get our own FTB server. We invite anyone and everyone to come check it out. Whether you’re a long devoted Giant Bomb fan or a friend of a friend’s pet walker who fell down a well that you saw on TV that you think/know hated Giant Bomb. We just ask that you have a love for minecraft and show people respect. This is a server for mature people only, but this does not mean there is an age gate. Here are our simple no brainer rules.



  • · Never mess with anything that is not yours unless given direct permission by the person who made it.
  • · If you’re building near someone else’s town get permission from the creator and try to stick with their plan.
  • · Building near spawn must be given direct permission by Dark, Fuzz, or Cap. What is spawn you say? Spawn is anything within view of the literal spawning point that everyone starts at.
  • · You must refrain from leaving massive holes in the ground from explosions or other mass destruction tools or weapons.
  • · No Nukes should ever be used unless under the supervision of a Moderator.



The Moderators are people I have the most trust with and because of that they will be the following.

  • · Capum15
  • · FuzzyLongcat
  • · DarkstarKoP
  • · Nodderly

These select few are here to help you keep the griefers away and to help repair your broken dream homes if such an event were to occur. No other ops will handed out for the time being.


So, this server is a Survival server and Creative will only be handed out to those who are deemed deserving by every active Mod at the time.


I want to be transparent about some key info on our server.

  • · Hosting our server is” MC Pro Hosting”
  • · The Plan we’re on is IRON
  • · The person limit is 33, but is less than that because of FTB and plugins etc.
  • · The month to month price comes to $22.00 a month

Now that this is out in the open, let me tell you my plan.

Right now as it is the server is no problem to cover for me and fuzz. Now later on down the line I want to upgrade it and pay it off for a year. The Plan I will more and likely get so we can have plenty of overhead will be the Redstone or the Diamond plan and I will pay off the fee for a year. After this point, I will start to accept donations for the next year and the price as it stands today for a diamond server is $367.12. I won’t even accept outside donations until I pay this server off for a year, but I just wanted everyone to know my personal plan for the future of this server. Also, who knows if this provider will stick around for that long. I just want to let people know that I want this server to always be there for someone if they want to play on a dedicated Minecraft FTB server.

My rant is over and if you read this far I hope you enjoy your stay with us at

Come by to visit or stay with us over the years. Just be sure to have fun <3

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Man, the whole time while reading, I was just thinking like "Well this is cool, but I have to take care of another server..."

But sir, you convinced me. I'll hop on in a bit with a friend :D

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Well I'm totally on board. Just having some issues connecting. punched "" into the server adress in FTB ultimate, and I'm getting a "connection refused: connect" error.

Did I miss something?

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Well I'm totally on board. Just having some issues connecting. punched "" into the server adress in FTB ultimate, and I'm getting a "connection refused: connect" error.

Did I miss something?

Same issue here.

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IP worked fine for me

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Between Crusader Kings 2 and Company of Heroes 2 I could perhaps fit some minecraft time in... I just really enjoy slaughtering russians in any time period tho... but perhaps I can serve the fatherland with crafting too!

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Cool, I'll jump on in a few minutes and see what's up.

Edit: Can't seem to break blocks. Could a mod set my permissions up? I'm Soylent in-game.

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Well, my short visit was no fun! Was not allowed to do anything :( /sadness

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@soylentgreen: @marnox:

Oh jeeze. So I took a nap, Dark left for about 10 minutes, and Fuzzy was asleep so no one was able to grant permissions!

Me and Dark are on right now if you guys get this. I'm going to be leaving soon, but I don't know how long he'll be on.

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I do believe the server is down.

#14 Posted by Capum15 (4574 posts) -

@living4theday258: Yeah, I told Dark and he said he would have to wait until he got home, but he would look into it.

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We are back up

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trying to juggle bees with thaumcraft with grafting trees makes me regret everything in life.

Damn fun though

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I should be on later tonight. It's fun to return to the early game minecraft where I'm just simply trying to build a house and start a mine. Plus there's all this new stuff to discover.

Is there a handy Internet guide for the new crafting recipes? I got red cobble and want to know what I can do with it etc.

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I think I'll be around Been playing this for awhile

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I’m getting this message for the server.


"Node is currently offline! We are aware of the issue and working to resolve it. Please do not submit a ticket. Intermittent connection issues to your node" of all the nodes ours is the only one down (103) *eye roll*


I’ll put it up as soon as I can.

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Y U DESTROY MY SUMMR? I have EVE rocks that need shooting...

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@brackynews: haha. Login servers are good again, apparently, but the node is still down. 100 nodes, and ours is the only one. Le sigh.

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k guys no FTB until tomorrow probably.
The node our server is on god DDoS'd

From twitter: Due to a 10Gbps+ attack on node 103 we have had to take it offline to conserve bandwidth and protect your servers.

24hrs exactly, apparently.

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@randomhero666: Yeah, I saw their reply tweet to you. "Within 24 hours", so hopefully before that.

Edit: Node 16 is down. We're not going down alone!

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@randomhero666: god damn... people are a bunch of assholes. Can't just leave nice things alone.

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@Gnubberen: I know right, there's always someone to piss all over someone elses fun, or something.

also i've been playing so much of this lately I don't really know what to do without it.
I could go outside and catch some bees.

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is our server the only one on node 103 or is it a bunch of servers?

#29 Posted by RandomHero666 (3176 posts) -

@living4theday258: Lots of servers are on each node, not sure how many but there's quite a few people on their twitter in the same situation

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We are back.

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Server seemed pretty stable when I was on. Seems like we're good to go.

Edit: Birch Tree Farm up and going near spawn. Coordinates (look at your minimap!) are -225, +24, 73. Take any wood you want from the little robot that's trucking around. Leave the fireworks and the three stacks of saplings in the top slots. If you have any bonemeal to donate, go ahead, though it doesn't matter too much.

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Shits getting real.

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Hey guys, stay away from my volcano for the time being. There's a crash issue with one of the machines I had connected to the applied energistics network. I've messaged Darkstar, and the crash will occur any time someone enters my base.

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@darkstar_kop: Is the server down atm? I'm having some trouble connecting.

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@Gnubberen: Yeah it is down atm it seems, probably only needs a restart which will have to wait until dark gets home from his silly job.

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@morien: was it the thing on your 2nd or 3rd floor? big silver tank looking thing?

I just went in to try and see what was up, half the volcano was loaded, spawn was laggy as all hell lol.

Game crashed when i tried to interact with the stuff beside the silver tank thing.

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@randomhero666: Yeah I have an Assembling Machine hooked up with two storage buses, which is causing the crash. I didn't think I would be able to get to it since it loads the chunk, but if you got to that floor then I'll try to get to the machine and disable it. Not the big square machine btw, one of the machines on the side to the left.

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Can't even get close enough for the tactical application of "a shit load of nukes".


Me and Dark tried to get to the volcano to smash machines, but that failed, and we can't get close. I think we're just falling back on a backup. We can replace things that you guys will lose though.

Edit: Dark's attempting to update a certain file to see if it fixes the problem. It might be an Applied Energetics thing, since the problem is with an assembling machine.

Edit Edit: Fixed! Server's working again. Thanks to Zack for giving a link to the fix.

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Incase you didn't notice the edit in caps message we are up again

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abit unstable

#43 Posted by RandomHero666 (3176 posts) -

@darkdragonmage99: yeah, it's on the hosts end though, they're aware of it, think they're still recovering from that attack :(

#44 Posted by Gnubberen (734 posts) -

Hot exclusive shot!

Hiiii Gaiiis.
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@randomhero666: that...forwards, or reverse? Because I think it broke my brain with cute either way.

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