holy crap, this guy built the Star Trek Enterprise 1:1 scale

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  O_O spam? 
its fucking amazing. he's so nonchalant and friendly about it. this looks like it took forever. 
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Aye, it's quite something.
There's another thread already discussing this tho =)

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@TwoOneFive: looks like?! IT PROBABLY DID 
holy shit thats fucking intense 
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its pretty amazing.

but poeple should also note he made this is classic wich means he has unlimited blocks of every type. he did no mining just building.

that said i would not be able to make something on a scale like that...

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@TaliciaDragonsong said:
" Aye, it's quite something.
There's another thread already discussing this tho =) "
mods , please delete :)
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Most likely fake, there are programs for minecraft classic (the one he used) to generate tiles. Looking at the ship, it would take so long to hollow out that area, let alone construct the ship. Plus if you actually look at the enterprise its been made in a series of lines which wouldn't make any sense if you were making it by hand since you need a place to stand, instead you would start from the bottom and work your way up floor by floor so you can stand on what you built.
If you think about the way you build things in minecraft and then look at that ship you can see how its fake. He said it was 1:1 scale, so im sure its relatively easy to find the exact specifications of the ship and feed that into the tile generating program. 
Regardless, its very impressive looking at least.

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as impressive looking as it seems, I'd be in utter amazment if he could get it to function so he can fly as well. Until then, dude just made a big statue, nice to look at but no big accomplishment. Now the guy that made a functional CPU on the hand, that shit is bonkers. 

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what a queer, i just finished my 1:1 death star! 

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This was refuted by Kotaku. Its acfually created using a program and those "supports" are him trying to get in once it was placed.

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