how would you improve mindcraft'

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Hello everyone, I have a couple of ideas on how to make minecraft a better experience for me and I would like to know what you guys think they should add to make it a "better" game.  

Fist of all I think minecraft is a fun game with lots of potential but lacks direction or a purpose to keep the player engaged (at lest for me), so my first suggestion is to give it some aspects of what makes a good RPG, quests and loot. Simple quests like, kill x number of zombies, find this type of material etc... would be enough to keep the player moving but I believe you need something on a bigger scale and that's suggestion number two.  
Minecraft already was multiplayer but again lacks purpose, my suggestion is to make it a bit like CIvilization, you start like you always start, alone and trying survive but since this is multiplayer you know that you're not alone that's when the quest come in, simple quest will keep occupied but major quests will give you a purpose, find the other players.  
The map in mine craft is procedural generated and it can be extremely large (like 3 time the Earth), so the game can choose a part of that map to spawn the players but they have to very far apart of each other , ex: if player A spawn on an island players B,C and D would spawn in a 100 mile radius of players A and so on for player B,C,D and etc. Now giving player A a quest to find player B and player B to find C and so on will give you purpose but also more of a challenge but there's a catch the information on the quest is extremely vague and it only points to the players spawn point, which means if you leave your spawn for any reason you better leave direction to where you are going.  
With every player you meet you will unlock another clue of the last quest, find the lost city of whatever, a place randomly chosen by the game away from every player, with enormous resources and infinite waves of enemies it's your duty to protect and rebuild the city, temple or whatever. After all the player have completed the last quest or after a certain amount conditions have been meet you can considered game over. 
I also think that they should add more materials and a better crafting system perhaps adding the abilities to craft cars or hot air balloons. 
Of curse the game is still in alpha and a lot can still be in the works but what do you guys would like to see in minecraft?

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I'm sorry but I think quests in Minecraft would be horrible. The reason I like Minecraft so much and can stay hooked to it for so long is because I create the quests myself. I set a goal for myself(eg. build a bigass fortress that cover 50% of the world you've found) and I do just that and it rewards me by looking sweet and its just a rewarding feeling knowing that hey, I worked my ass off for this and it looks bloody sweet.  

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@Jack268: Same for me. My current goal is to find some Diamonds then build a big ass fortress. Although Notch will most definitely be adding more crafting objects and enemy types. One of the best things about minecraft is its always evolving. 
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Some interesting ideas there, but I think that Minecraft is always going to be more about this concept of "emergent gameplay", so rather than giving players defined quests or goals like you suggest, it will just increase the tools and features needed to create your own gameplay and goals. For example: 

  • Providing a way to configure how monsters spawn - so you could be trying to hold off your own fortress against waves of zombies.
  • Add new things to explore, with more randomisation - perhaps AI controlled villages which you can plunder for randomly generated items of increasing value (Borderlands style weapons?). Maybe a group of players would find a valuable resource on the map, and build a huge fortress around it to protect it from another group of players.
  • In multiplayer, provide tools (such as an economy) for different players to have different roles - you could choose to be a miner, selling your iron to smiths or builders or you could be a hunter, trading with chefs, etc. Everyone could work together towards a common goal; preparing for an invasion (either of AI, or from another group of players trying to get that valuable resource), etc.
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@Jack268: But do you think they should add other modes to minecraft like they did with the survival mode or do you wanted to be a singleplayer open world game?
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@mikesira: I like it the way it is at the moment
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More blocks, more stuff to craft....that's all it really needs as far as I can see.

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Procedurally  generated enemy villages. Imagine your surprise once you finish doing your 20 minute cave to reach an enemy stronghold 
An update would be nice too.

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I would kill to see a zombie fortress survival type mode in the game. You and a few friends have to build an awesome fortress before the zombies get to you. 

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It could benefit from some stuff I agree, but for that multiplayer quest people would start, gather blocks, make a big ass tower, and everyone will be like oh there's a player.
I do love the exploring tho, so more of that would be grand!

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personally i would like minecraft to get ropes and pulleys , hinges, and mirrors.

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@TheBeast: The examples you point out are all great ideas on how to improve minecraft and some of them go in line in my suggestion to make it more RPG MMO like game but I get the felling that (like Jeff and Ryan) 3 months from now no one will care about minecraft and adding another gameplay mode maybe could be enough to attract other types of players to the game. 
 Keep in mind that I'm not saying the the quest should be mandatory, I'm saying there should other game mods in the minecraft world.
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@TaliciaDragonsong:  I agree, people should try to make tall structures or large fires to get the other players attention but remember that the draw distance in minecraft it's not that big so you would have to be near to see it.
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My point was if one of them makes a tower they will be found in a jiffy, making the entire quest moot :P 
Minecraft could really use some things, but I'm not sure what!
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@TaliciaDragonsong: Maybe I din't explain it very well. You only get information on the nearest player and that information is very vague like somewhere over to the North East so if that player decides to build a tower to help incoming visitors thats cool but you still have to be within the drawing distance of the game to see it, it the player it's 50 miles you would only see it when you are 5 miles away or something like that. On the other hand if a player decides to ignore the quest and explore in another direction they should also be rewarded like TheBeast was saying maybe trough trading.
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Notch must have some vision for what he wants minecraft to be at the end of the road because what makes the current version beta rather than the completed project?

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Minecraft doesn't need quests, the game already has purpose. I look at the game as an endless box of Legos, in which you, the builder, do whatever you want. The only element that moves you is your own free will. And that's what makes Minecraft so good. 

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Better enemy AI/more threatening enemies. Its to easy to outrun enemies and just hide out in your fort. Would be neat if zombies tried to break down doors, or some flame shooting monster that would ignite an entire wooden house. 

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I just want more things to craft. More furniture for buildings, better railway controls (like a train that you can actually go forward and back with, without pushing it down a hill or use boosters etc), and better control of waterways. More materials would be nice too. Oh, and more plants to create gardens and/or food production. 
Although.. I'm still very happy what we have so far, and I could keep on playing this way for atleast a year. There's always something new to try around the corner.

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Yeah, thats basically what it needs. In order to make it an acual game, you need to have more goals and direction that just...yo zombies at night. When I first discovered the game I thought there was going to be something a little more to it. Once I found the zombies at night I was like "WOW, I wonder what else this game is going to have in it"... and as it turns out, nothing. It just needs a few more things in it to make the single player worth playing. For instance, maybe there could be a bunch of special caverns deep in the earth that have special items that allow you to craft something new or have some kind of new ability. Or maybe there are some kind of little creature nations spread across the world that you can some how defeat. Or maybe it could be like some kind of crazy first person Civ game where you are competing against a bunch of AI crafter dudes and you can win in a multitude of ways like finding a building plan for some massive building, and then building that. I am just thinking up things on the spot, but there are plenty of things that you could do to make this "game" and actual game. I dont mind minecraft for what it is now, but creating stuff in a digital world simply for the sake of creating stuff is only fun for so long.

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Making boats not client side would be amazing. // Vehicles - Air balloons / gliders / different sea faring vessels
More aggressive difficulty settings / giant zombies etc.
I remember reading a suggestion about a crafting bench for redstone wires so you could make ghetto microchips. 
Lanterns would be neat, iron / glass in a square and a torch in the center. Also mentioning torches, it would be cool if carrying a torch illuminated areas as well as planting them.
There's a ton of stuff that could be improved - I'm just hoping he gets his business/office space up and running soon so we can see more development, hell getting half the stuff that is broken in SMP working would be pretty fantastic.

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@Fallen189 said:
" Biomes   Procedurally  generated enemy villages. Imagine your surprise once you finish doing your 20 minute cave to reach an enemy stronghold  An update would be nice too. "
I would like both of those things.
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Triangle blocks!

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More stuff to craft. 
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Better water physics and more mechanical stuff to craft, like gears and stuff.

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Oh yeah, and a decent netcode.

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