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So I've been bored the last couple of days so I decided to build something in Minecraft, here's the results:

(You hide the HUD with F1)
It took about 4-5 hours, mostly spent on the Bomb itself, I mostly eyeballed it but used a reference picture to make sure I got the dimensions and placement looking right, although you probably can't tell at this height I'm using the DokuCraft - The Saga ContinuesTexture Pack. (You'll need MCPatcher to make it work)
So, what do you think? pretty snazzy right?
EDIT: Ack, that'll teach me, I kinda always thought while building it that others would have done this before but it never occured to me to check here before posting, the other duder with the same idea is here: Building a Giant Bomb Logo in Minecraft Good work.
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That is fantastic.

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It's a Giant Bomb! Run!

Looks good, only thing that is a little off is that the eye goes a bit too far down, also there's no shine on the bomb. Still, it looks great.

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Congrats, you just S-ranked Minecraft.

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That is the worst thing I've ever seen. You should be ashamed.

Lol, I kid I kid. That's actually really cool. I always wish I could do stuff like that in games like these, but I simply do not have the patience.

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@MaFoLu: yeah I see that now, I might edit it sometime, but I'm just glad I finished it, a great amount of fatigue set in near the end
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The bomb looks great; the G and Bs look a little wonky though. Also, you forgot the highlight on the bomb...
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Good job, my son.

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@BeachThunder: Now that I'm looking at it with fresh eyes I see all of the little imperfections, it's bugging the hell out of me!
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looks great duder.

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