Is Minecraft ok for a 6 year old?

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I have a 5 year old that absolutely loves Minecraft and is able to navigate and create with the best of them. He is so obsessed that I had allowed him to watch videos on YouTube of others playing Minecraft. I recently limited him to playing the crafting and creating games only because of zombies and violence. I feel the creativeness is fine but as always be aware of what your child sees and hears...

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My son started experimenting with Minecraft at 6. I can personally testify to the cognitive thinking benefits of playing that game. It will not necessarily be 'easy', but it's not easy for anyone starting out. It requires some concentration, and it'd be best played with you helping her learn some of the 'crafting' so that she can do basic things like make tools. The console version makes that even easier.

This is an absolutely amazing opportunity for a parent who is willing to put in a small amount of effort, and I have been consistently astounded at what my son has made or done.

Yes to Minecraft,

and Absolutely Yes if you are willing to participate a little.

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