Maybe this is a stupid question

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I have read about this game for what seems like ages now, but I have no idea what you actually do? Do you just build stuff? Is there a story?

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There are blocks, you move them around, use them to craft items, use the items to move them faster.

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Take a look at the overview man, it's all explained in there.

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  Very comprehensive walkthrough... OK maybe not, but its a fun series and it should explain a bit. 
EDIT: There's no story, but the community have made some cool custom maps with stories.
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You can play a free trial on their website.

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Thanks, I had actually read the overview and was still confused. I will check out the free trial, thanks!

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@benpicko Thanks for linking the video. That actually helped.
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@dad0ktdid: best description, using the blocks around you to make tools and shelter, you survive day after day and make cool creations
after the 1.8 update, it will be more like an rpg with dungeons and towns
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Aw man, that is the best worst guide ever.

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