Minecraft 12w38a, one step closer to the pretty scary update/1.4

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So it's Thursday! Which means another spapshot is out! Today is 12w38a. This update has added two new mobs and new sounds. Plus a little bit of other stuff. But first lets talk about the bat.

Yes the bat. It's a new mob that spawn in caves. They are neutral and will not attack the player. They currently do not drop anything or make any sound. The new mob will probably be updated a bit more next snapshot.

Edit: I'll just throw in a picture of bat.

Witch! Yes that's the new hostile mob. A witch!

Here's a picture:

Now this mob isn't spawn able normally but is able to be spawn in creative mode. The witch is hostile and throws potions at the player. It cannot fly oddly enough but may be able to next snapshot.

New sounds! Yup. The game now has new in game sounds. So be sure to check that out. I really like the new water sound.

One last thing. The beacon artwork has changed. That's it for this minecraft update for you duders. I'll post another one next week like always. All leading up to the pretty scary update.

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@SexyToad: it is a which

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@robertkirkland43 said:

@SexyToad: it is a which


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All I know is a bunch of my favorite mods (ie. RedPower) haven't made it to 1.3.2 yet. I'm hoping "pretty scary update" just means another Halloween thing. 1.3 was scary as hell for me because it was a big change for modders and is taking a while for everyone to catch up.

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Very nice.

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