Minecraft 1.4 upcoming stuff. Latest Snapshot, 12w34a.

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This week's snapshot has a lot of new features!



Carrots and Potatoes

Cobblestone Fence and more!

Let's get started with Pots. They are crafted the same as buckets but instead of iron it's clay bricks, so finally there's a good reason to get clay! You'll be able to plant flowers in them. Their only uses is looking pretty. So now your house can be pretty as well.


As you can see in the picture the pots contain more than just flowers. This may or may not been implicated I have not been able to see yet. I will tomorrow so I will update this thread. As you can see in the back the frames are looking nice. What's really cool is that if a frame holds a map it's live, so the map will show the terrain. Same with clocks and compasses.

Two new crops have been added, carrots and potatoes. I'm unsure how to obtain them, they possibly grow naturally, or from tall grass. They have no seeds. They are replanted with cartots or potatoes. Carrots produce 2-4 while potatoes produce around 2 or more.


Cobblestone is now able to be crafted into a fence. Cobblestone gate hasn't been created yet but it would probably be added in the next snapshot.

Mobs can now travel through the Nether Portal. So now you're are able to take Phillip the wolf or Sally the cow with you to the Nether.

Leather armor can be dyed now. So you can look fabulous in the Minecraft's world. They're are also able to be washe out with the cauldron. Speaking of dyes, a Wolf's collar can also be dyed now. So you'll finally be able to figure out which is Fred and which is George.

Wooden buttons have been added. Not able to be crafted yet though. They are special because they're able to be activated with an arrow. Possibly useful for adventure maps.

One last thing, a new mob has been discovered in the Minecraft's file. The Wither. It looks dangerous. It can be spawn through hacks. It's able to eat blocks


So 1.4 is going to be awesome. I'll keep this updated.

On a side side note I have one follower on twitter and that is Hizang. I need more! @SssexyToad It's pretty creative name if I do say so myself. Does this count as advertising?... Nah. Anyways whoo minecraft 1.4!

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Thanks for the snap-shot sneak peek, SexyToad. Minecraft is really dishing out some great updates recently and from what I've heard, the Wither is terrifying. Cannot wait to see 1.4 go live :)

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Oh man the Wither looks fucking awesome. I'm genuinely excited to see this update now. Keep it up, you Sexy Toad.

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#4 Posted by Sin4profit (3355 posts) -

how is it the Tekkit mod can be put together but this trickle is all the official updates put out?

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#5 Posted by SexyToad (2939 posts) -

@ck1nd: No problem. 1.4 is going to be awesome.

@MariachiMacabre: I also heard that the Witcher can also shoot stuff out of his mouth. I'm not sure what stuff is, but stuff.

@Sin4profit: This is just a snapshot. They're more planned. Last snapshot added villagers zombies. A lot more is coming.

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I havent been keeping up with minecraft reecently and i intend to wait a good long time before i get back into it(i can get so much and be ready to do whatever i want so fast its not very fun now) However i might have to get 1.4 and play with it for a while.

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