Minecraft and Pokemon: an unlikely fusion.

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Since it's inception, I've sunk more hours than I care to admit into the ever popular Pokemon franchise. It was an incredibly useful tool to ignore most of the less important, nagging responsibilities of my childhood such as school and homework. Now more than ever, it has been a fantastic implement to reminiscence the past. Defeating the Elite Four stands out as a defining moment in my childhood where I threw my hands up in the air and declared all was finally well with the universe.

Cut forward a decade, give or take a few years and Minecraft has firmly entrenched its addicting, just-ten-more-minutes procrastinating roots well within the gaming world. While there are some who debate the actual premise of Minecraft being a game in itself, it still stands out as a significant piece of entertainment that has revolutionized the industry.

To my surprise or perhaps horror - I can't decide which - I stumbled upon something which merged both of my pleasures and vices into a scarily promising mod for Minecraft wisely called Pokemobs.

My optimistic self hopes for nothing more than the project to continue, for different features such as Team Rocket, towns and the ability to battle other minecraft trainers to become available. My realistic self realises that it may only be a matter of time before Nintendo spots the project and descends upon the creator with an angry mob of bloodthirsty, money fuelled lawyers. Only time will tell where this creation leads to. I certainly hope it avoids the C&D Order.

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Wow, thats actually awesome. Minecraft really does have no limits!

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Of all the stupid, stupid things made for Minecraft.... this is by far my favorite.

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