Minecraft Builder Club (PC)

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So this is using the idea came up with. A builder club for Minecraft. My friend, Ryan, is getting a server up soon and I thought it would be cool if we can have it as the GiantBomb Minecraft Builder's Club as well. This isn't a sure thing but is likely. But what I want to know how much of you will want to play, any ideas, would you consider to donate, and so on.

We'll have this host by Enjin and we will have a website to go with the server. To get other players and so on. So what do you think?

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@SexyToad: Well currently my parents discovered the glory of Netflix and my bro got a new gaming PC and a considerable amount of games to download on steam so I wouldn't be able to help with much on it for a while but i would be happy to when my bandwidth clears up a bit.

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Okay so this will probably be up maybe in a week or 2. It's going to have around, I believe, 40-50 to slots. We can increase that. 40-50 is recommended. I'm planning to have a separate area for bombers but you can go build around if you choose to. Once the server gets going I'll update this thread. Then we can come up with builds we want to do in the future. Also build ideas anyone?

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@SexyToad: black mesa.

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Is it bad I don't know what that is?

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@SexyToad: the entirety of half-life 1 except the xen levels. ringing any bells?

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@living4theday258: Is it bad that I never played Half-Life?

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@SexyToad: in short its a massive underground research facility

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Hey! It's Ryan, the CreativeNation server owner! :) The idea that SexyToad had was to have the Giant Bomb Community Builders Club have a nice,friendly environment to build big or small community projects. The Black Mesa idea sound awesome, and would love to host a project like that. We will have sectioned off areas only for bombers, or even whole worlds for projects/builds. I am willing to provide whatever resources you need, of that means, WorldEdit,VoxelSniper,etc. Of course all build will be protected by anti-griefing measures, such as WorldGaurd. If you are interested, post in this topic, and SexyToad will keep you up to date with the release date of the server.


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^Umm yes you heard it here! So this seems like a good idea so far. I'm hoping to build a giant Majora's mask's moon. With the eyes and mouth. That would be pretty awesome.

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Also, If anyone is interested in donating to the server to get it up and running, you can visit our website. creativenation.enjin.com

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