Minecraft Companion - The Android and iPhone app

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wow that seems pretty sick! From what i gather it synchs with your PC session's day night cycle so that when you're mining underground, you can keep track of the time outside

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From the look of it you set the position of the sun in game as close as you can within the app, then the app just keeps pace with the in-game time so if you're underground you can look at the app and see what 'time of day' it is on the surface

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@borodin: I was hoping it would actually sync with the server you were on, but that's still pretty helpful. 
I guess..... it's only 99 cents?
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A watch is coming in the Halloween update, but until then I guess some people could find this useful.

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This is the first I've heard of this app. Downloading it on my Droid ASAP.

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pfff paying app? lame. plus i hope it's the original dev selling this otherwise i smell a lawsuit...

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@swamplord666:  The author of the app in the appstore is Jason Fieldman? Is that notch?
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@swamplord666 said:
" pfff paying app? lame. plus i hope it's the original dev selling this otherwise i smell a lawsuit... "
You can get it free. 
The are two versions; one with ads and another without.
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@Axxol: I think there's only one on the iPhone, though.
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@Brenderous said:

" @Axxol: I think there's only one on the iPhone, though. "

yep. regardless of whether there's a free version, if someone other than the dev and those involved in minecraft get a profit off minecraft, even if it's minecraft tea cozies, probably infrigement of some sort and so big fat law suit 
edit: unless of course he asked permission and got granted said permission
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@Brenderous said:
" http://itunes.apple.com/app/minecraft-companion/id395103868?mt=8   Just released in the appstore. I think its been on android for a while. maybe?  Does anyone have this, and if so, can they give a better explanation of it than the store description?  "
Doesnt mean a thing any more. The next minecraft update adds a watch. 
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@swamplord666 said: 
...minecraft tea cozies..."
Yes please.
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@swamplord666: Sorry, I misread your previous comment. 
And I agree with you. I noticed on the Android Marketplace that there were two other Minecraft apps (Minecraft Handbook and Minecraft'r). I don't think that Notch is aware of the Minecraft'r app.

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