Minecraft for Sony Xperia Play

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Just watched Engadget's hands on with the Xperia Play version of Minecraft. A few things that I didn't know about it...

  • no day/night cycle currently. No creepers/zombies etc, just daytime building.
  • no crafting. You've got a set amount of blocks you can use and you seemingly delete/place blocks instantly, no pickaxe required not 100% on this?)
  • it looks like you jump automatically when you get to an edge.


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That sounds about as bad as Fable: The Journey

But not as bad as WiiU

#3 Posted by Castigatore (12 posts) -

But why for the Xperia play!!

Why not for the PS Vita, that would be much better!!!!

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So it's like that original free to play minecraft on their website?

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@Soap said:

That sounds about as bad as Fable: The Journey

But not as bad as WiiU

These are video games things. I placed this other video game thing on a scale of badness with them. Relevant.
The fun of Minecraft for me is building stuff in survival mode so this wouldn't really appeal to me because of a lack a beasties.
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Yea, that just sounds like creative mode, only mobile.

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Ok so the new Tested first look video destroyed my view on the jumping. Norm is obviously hitting X to jump in this video. Backs up the rest of the points though (in terms of crafting, monsters).


They say that the world seems smaller but that could just be down to it being a demo unit. Seems to be a lot of fog. I'd still DEFINITELY get this if I had an Xperia Play, though.

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