MineCraft look a like sneaks on to the App store, lawsuit anyone?

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MineCraft is soon to be released as an official product and out of beta shortly, something I am a hell of a lot of other people are excited for. Well a new game called Crafted has been let in to the App store, it is a mix of MineCraft and Terraria. It even has a lot of the same things in it such as Creepers and menus and such. The game will probably go away, and it's a good thing too, a few videos reveal it to be just awful.

Lawsuit in 3,2,1...
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By the look of that screenshot I wouldn't recommend anyone snag it.

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Apple's criminally laxed with this type of stuff, though the Android marketplace seems to be better. There's a ton of copyright infringing apps out there and there's not much anyone can do about it, or at least have done about it. The only isntace I can think of where legal action was taken was The Blocks Cometh, and that was because someone stole an entire game.

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I saw a youtube video of this. It looked terrible.

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That's Minecraft alright. 

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No lawsuit, they'll just have to win a game of Quake against Mojang to retain their IP.

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Looks like a horrible game that ripped as much as they could from Minecraft and plastered it onto a 2D game...

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It looks like the original Prince of Persia.

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@Brackynews: Love the blurb for Total Miner:

This Xbox Live Indie Game is a blatant duplicate of Minecraft, trying to cash in on the better game's success on a console it is not available for. Once Minecraft is released on Live Arcade, no one will ever play Total Miner ever again.

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@LordAndrew: Agreed. So cheeky! :)

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There are so many of these already that have been around for ages now.

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