Minecraft on Mac

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After watching the QL I got really interested in this game. I have a Mac and was wondering 2 things?

1. Is the Mac version the same as the PC version?

2. If in the future I decide to buy a PC, do I need to buy Minecraft again or can I use the same account I have on Mac on the PC?


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I was in the same boat. I decided to buy it after watching the Quicklook. Good news is, you only pay once, and you get an account that lets you download whatever client you want. In fact, you can download the client before you pay any money. You just wont be able to play until you pay.

Also, the Mac version is the same as PC. I don't know how the performance compares though.

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1. Yes
2. No, same account is for both versions, unlimited downloads across computers.

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@StarFoxA said:

1. Yes 2. No, same account is for both versions, unlimited downloads across computers.
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Thanks for the replies! Im buying it now!!

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The game is made in Java. Not only does that mean you can play it on Windows, OS X, and Linux, but you won't run into a situation where one version lags behind the others. Any content update just works across all platforms.

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Minecraft is made with Java so it runs identically on Windows and Mac. Performance will be determined by How good your machine is. I have it on my MacBook Pro and it runs great.

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I have the latest Mac and it runs fine on it.

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My kids don't have the latest Mac and it runs relatively reasonable as long as you don't get greedy with stuff. Modding can also be done as long as it doesn't require the .net framework.....

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Works great for me on Mac. My only issue is that some mods won't work because of their dependance on .net framework. Still, I've got the ones I really want running and I enjoy it. :)

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I have the shittiest new MBP and it runs fine on pretty much max settings.

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one of us! one of us!

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