Minecraft xbox 360

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Will this game be getting similar update patches as with the PC version. By that I ask will the game see increased content in the near future. The single biggest complaint so far is that it's not as fleshed out as the current PC version, though plays fine.

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Yes it will.

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Aww yeah! It just became downloadable :D

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I actually feel this is fine right now. There is soooooo much stuff to take in and process in your head for a newcomer. I feel like itäs more nice being dropfeeded the updates just like the PC community have been. I also think Notch or Mojang have said that updates will be free. At least the stuff that has the goal to make it keep up with the PC version.

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Here (Germany) is only the trailer available for now.

..so I wait.. and later I will dig. =D

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@Chontamenti said:

Here (Germany) is only the trailer available for now.

..so I wait.. and later I will dig. =D

The game page went up but the download link wasn't... so I went to the game tab (on the right) that sells avatar apparel and the game was downloadable from there.

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I certainly hope they patch it at least. Downloaded it and played half an hour. The tutorial worked fine but when I created my own world the bloody game just hanged randomly on either the inventory screen or the crafting screen.

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Is there some sort of a quick save option?

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I hope they are able to support it on 360 but its not as simple as giving free updates. There're scheduling and policies to follow that don't fit the business model.

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So does anyone know if the 360 version uses the original Java application running on a ported VM, or did they just port the whole thing to C#/native code?

I ask because if it's the former then I bet they could get the game updates in as "DLC" since there would be no change to the main binaries and the Java class files could be considered data (All speculation on my part).

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Dont really know where else to ask this but: has anyone else had trouble getting the nether portals to work on the xbox version? i just cant do it =/

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1600 smackaroonies. Sheesh. Thought it would be 1200.

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@FourWude said:

1600 smackaroonies. Sheesh. Thought it would be 1200.

You can get it from Bestbuy for 15 bucks.

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@FourWude said:

1600 smackaroonies. Sheesh. Thought it would be 1200.

Yeah, but it's still cheaper then the PC counterpart.

$20 isn't bad for a game you spend hundreds and hundreds of hours with, even if you drop 20-50 hours that is still $20 well spent.

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Man I am really loving this game. I bought the game on PC a long time ago, and while I had fun with it I just didn't put too many hours into it. I already played about 4 hours of it on the 360 today, and would have probably played it all day long if it weren't for me having to go to work. I did recently jump back into the PC version and was sort of overwhelmed by all the new stuff that has been added since it was first available.

Now I can play it on 360 and slowly be able to get the new stuff and be able to ease into it.

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