minecraft xbox 360 edition

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in minecraft you have to have a hdmi cable to play mutiplayer. i was mad about that. so can you think about changing that in the next update so me and my brother dont fight. thanks

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Sure. I'll make sure to pass this along to them next time I come across the developers in Wal-Mart.

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Okay so when they made it so you'll need a hdmi cable to play multiplayer they weren't trying to be trolls. They tried making it work but the pixels were to small and it just didn't work. But I'm sure I saw a hdmi to av adapter thingy. Not sure if it would work. But anyways get a hd tv. Only way. Or if you have minecraft for the pc there is a great splitscreen mod. It isn't great but it does the job. Link. only for 1.2.5 right now. He's planning on releasing it for 1.3 soon. But the best answer is to get a hd tv. Also why post this here? Go tweet at Jebs twitter account.

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hello i work for minecraft xbox 360 edition studios and i will put this in the next update thank you

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