My Minecraft server is back up!

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A few people from the site frequented my server when it was up previously, so I wanted to let people know it's back up, running on it's own dedicated machine, C2D w/ 8GB of RAM.

Plugins currently running on the server:

Permissions, Essentials, BOSEconomy, Localshops, Demigods, Factions, MyHome, MyWarp, Lavafurnace, and a few other random ones.

Anyone can log in, but you'll have to be upgraded to Member before you can build. Feel free to shoot me a PM here w/ your username or just login. If I'm around, I'll promote you to user, if not, I check login records several times a day and I'll add you as a member after you've logged in.

Running a fairly new map, the server has actually been back for a few months, but only a handful of people have spent any real amount of time on it.

Server is

Feel free to visit.

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