Open Minecraft server, Come Join Duders

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Server is public again and will be almost always!!

(will be working out the kinks of worldguard)

OLD POST: Hey everyone, I host a minecraft server thats always on a whitelist, for now we have made a new world and are recruiting for our home server. I'm the only one on the server, that i know, who is a giantbomb fan so i wanted to open it up to you guys! Im Legendarny_Smak on the server and im the Admin, if you make some Whiskey Media reference ill hook you up with some free stuff!

The IP is

Edit: Also we are a Faction server with an Economy via essentials

Edit2: thanks people who came on my MC server from todays Arma 2 quicklook, sad though only 8 slots :(

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Server will be whitelisted soon, PM me or post your minecraft handle if youd like to join

#3 Posted by D_Justice91 (42 posts) -

I'd like to join, I've seen you in there, I'm FUCK_YEAH_DUDE

#4 Posted by superpow (257 posts) -

I love economy servers. I'm superpow93. I had a feeling you were that quicklook guy.

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We are now on whitelist! PM for invite

#6 Posted by Theavy (92 posts) -

Just some Pictures from the serve

#7 Posted by Videodragon (7 posts) -

can I get a whitelist plz videodragon

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